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JULY 4 -14, 2023

The debut edition was a resounding triumph, offering an enchanting and enduring experience that touched the hearts of all who were part of it.

"Experience Dance through our Masterclasses - Unleash Your Artistic Potential and Refine Your Dance Skills!"

Over the course of 10 days, students had the rare opportunity to spend time with our remarkable artists who are not only skilled professionals, but also passionate and kind-hearted individuals. They have dedicated their lives to the art of ballet, gracing the most exquisite theatres around the world with their unforgettable performances.

At our Masterclasses, we take great pride in the caliber of our teaching staff. Our instructors are not simply ballet teachers, but rather experts in their field, holding MASTER'S DEGREES IN DANCE PEDAGOGY. This level of qualification ensures that our students receive exceptional training and guidance to help them reach their full potential in the world of dance.

July 14, 2023 - 32nd prestigious Opening Gala!

Imagine the opportunity of a lifetime!

Students were actively involved in the ceremonial opening of the 32nd International Music Festival Krumlov. Moreover, they seized the opportunity to collaborate with Jiří Bubeníček on a captivating new choreography specifically created for them, set to Claude Debussy's "La Mer," performed by the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra. This spectacular piece took center stage on a truly extraordinary evening, allowing them to share the spotlight with ballet stars and musical virtuosos from across the globe.

Premiere - "French Night"

Premiere, Preparations and After



Aux Étoile

Photo © Serghei Gherciu

Comments from dancers

„A magical experience, not only for ballet, but also for life. I have met fantastic people and dancers that made me love ballet even more than before“.

„The teachers were not only dance teachers, but first of all friends and also inspiring dancers. I really love the city and I felt free. This was very special summer intensive for me, because of the beautiful atmosphere.“

„I’m grateful to be here these days! You are an excellent choreographer and thanks to you I discover a part of myself that I didn't know.“

„Thank you so much for a great experience in such a beautiful and inspiring location! I have enjoyed this 2 weeks and the performance a lot. Thank you for your opportunity and for your nice treatment.“

„Na tomto kempu si velmi cením všech nápadů a informací, jenž jsem zde získal. Děkuji za vše, jenž jsem zde mohl prožít“

„Moc mě těší že jsem s Vámi a ostatními mohla pracovat a cvičit. Nikdy by mě nenapadlo že potkám a budu cvičit s Étoile s pařížské opery. Jsem neskutečně vděčná že jsem mohla být ve vaší choreografii! Hrozně mě to tu baví a užila jsem si to!“

„Huge, thanks to having me in this amazing Masterclasses! All classes were incredible! It was professional like environment and I love your beautiful choreo so much!“

„Thank you for bringing happiness and positivity to our souls. I will miss every second.“

„Odnáším si toho odsud neskutečně moc. Tento školní rok byl pro mě opravdu hodně náročný a zažít takovou krásnou atmosféru a podporu bylo opravdu krásný, možná i osvobozující.“


Ballet Class



Photo © Serghei Gherciu

VIDEO Trailer and teasers

At the heart of "Festival Krumlov"

The International Music Festival

The International Music Festival Český Krumlov was established in 1992 in the most magical city in the world, in Český Krumlov, which is considered a European treasure and belongs to UNESCO World Heritage.

During the 30 years of its existence, the festival has become one of the three biggest classical festivals in the Czech Republic. It has offered 565 concerts and performances, during which almost 13 thousand artists from 40 countries have performed. 

The festival offers 4 weeks of music ranging from the 15th till the 21st century with international stars and venues with unique genius loci.


July 14, 2023 - The prestigious Opening Gala Concert with choreographies by Jiří Bubeníček


Alexander Melnikov and a night of impression, romance, and dance

The opening concert, known as "French Night", returned the festival to the enchanting setting of the Summer Riding School. The performance commenced with Henri Duparc's "Aux Étoiles", featuring an original choreography by the world-renowned Jiří Bubeníček. Following this, the accomplished pianist Alexander Melnikov delivered a captivating rendition of Camille Saint-Saëns' "Piano Concerto No. 5," also known as the Egyptian concerto.

Claude Debussy's masterpiece "La Mer" was brought to life by participants from the Bubeníček Ballet Masterclasses. The evening reached its crescendo with the enthralling melodies of Maurice Ravel's "Bolero", performed by Les Ballets Bubeníček, by the leading ballet soloists from Semperoper Ballet in Dresden.

The Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra, led by its main guest conductor Robert Jindra, provided the musical backdrop. The beautiful summer evening performance paid tribute to a significant date in European history - July 14, 1789, the Storming of the Bastille.


Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Robert Jindra
Piano: Alexander Melnikov
Choreographer: Jiří Bubeníček
Dancers: Les Ballets BubeníčekLéonore Baulac, Jenny Laudadio, István Simon, Jón Vallejo, Joseph Gray, Rodrigo Pinto, Christian Bauch
with selected participants from Bubeníček Ballet Masterclasses.

H. Duparc: Poéme nocturne - "Aux étoiles" - Choreography byJiří Bubeníček
C. Saint-Saëns: Piano concerto No 5 in F Major, op. 103 „Egyptian“


C. Debussy: La Mer, L 109 - Choreography by Jiří Bubeníček
M. Ravel: Bolero, op. 81, C dur - Choreography by Jiří Bubeníček

Les Ballets Bubeníček

Our Principal Guests Artists for 2023

Léonore Baulac


2005 Léonor Baulac entered the Dance School of the Opéra National de Paris.
She performs in Variations de Don Giovanni (Maurice Béjart), Napoli (August Bournonville), Yondering (John Neumeier), Entre deux rondes (Serge Lifar) and Soir de Fête (Léo Staats).

2008 Sje was hired at 18 years old in the “corps de ballet” of Paris Opera. 2013 Promoted to "Coryphée".
2014 AROP price
2015 Promoted "Sujet"
2016 Promoted "First dancer"
2017 Promoted Etoile

Jenny Laudadio


Born in Italy, she began her dance studies with Accademia Nazionale di Danza in Rome moving eventually to Milano where she graduated from the Accademia d’Arti e Mestieri dello Spettacolo al Teatro alla Scala.

She has performed leading roles in classical ballets such as:
Sleeping Beauty and the Nutcracker as well as in pieces by Graham, Ek, Kylian, Forsythe, Dawson, Inger, Naharin among others. She has also originated roles in new choreographies by Dawson, Ekman, Palmquist,  Shechter, Ratmanksy and Thomas.

Jón Vallejo


Born in San Sebastian, Spain, Scaena Carmen Roche (Madrid) Thalia Mentxu Medel (San Sebastian)

Principal Dancer Semperoper Ballett, Guests with Compañía Nacional de Danza, Compañía Nacional de Danza 2, Ballet Carmen Roche. Danced Principal roles in “Sleeping Beauty ", Don Quixote, Nutcracker by A. S. Watkin after M. Petipa; Giselle by David Dawson;  A Midsummer Night's Dream by J. Neumeier; Taming of the Shrew by J. Cranko; Manon by K. MacMillan; Coppélia by G. Balanchine. Worked with J. Kylián, W. Forsythe, J. Inger, S.Celis, O.Naharin, J. Bubeníčekand many other.

István Simon


University projects at Chemnitz2025 European Capital of Cultural GmbH, the artistic advisor and cultural manager - Budapest Operetta Theater, the founder of Praetorian Art and Health Consulting and  candidate for doctorat at the Dresden University of Technology.

Formal Principal with Semperoper Ballet Dresden, Hungarian National Ballet, Dortmund Opera.  Guest artist at the Paris Opera, New York City Center and others. Worked with J. Kylián, M. Ek, W. Forsythe, A. Ekman, A. Ratmansky, J. Bubeníček, D. Dawson and others. 

Christian Bauch


was born in Germany. Studied at Palucca Dance University Dresden and as a guest student at the École Nationale Supérieure de Danse de Marseille.

Apprentice Programme at the Semperoper Dresden, Theatre Chemnitz. Freelance with the company "Focus Dance" in Sweden, Staatstheater Mainz and since 2014 with the Semperoper Dresden.

Joseph Gray


Born in Kent, England, he studied at English National Ballet School

Danced at Zurich Ballet and Hannover Staatsballett
Danced ballets by F. Ashton, G. Balanchine, M. Ek, A. Ekman, W. Forsythe, J. Inger, J. Kylián, K. Macmillan and A. Watkin among others.
And has originated roles in new choreographies by J. Bubeníček, M. Bigonzetti, D. Dawson, H. Mannes, N. Palmquist, H. Spoerli, Ch. Spuck and others.



2014-2015 Ballettschule Theater Basel,
2015-2017 The Royal Ballet School, London 

2017 Semperoper Ballett Dresden, Germany directed by Aaron S. Watkin
Dance works by K. MacMillan, A. Watkin, Sir F. Ashton, G. Balanchine, D. Dawson,  W. Forsythe, J. Inger, J. Peck, A. Ekman, P. Bausch, N. Palmauist and S. Eyal.